Shopfronts and Adverts in Historic Towns

Shopfronts and Avertisements in Historic Towns

Report 06

This booklet is still relevant to todays conservationists, developers and retailers concerned with maintaining quality in the town centre environment. 

Produced at a time of growing concern over the quality of the town centre environment, with increasing competition from highly accessible out-of-town shopping centres, it has become more and more important that the traditional town centre should be attractive and project an image of quality.  As town centres contain a greater variety of speciality shops as well as a good deal of architectural and historic interest, they have potentially more to offer than out of town centres.  Emphasis on good quality design, including the design of shopfronts and advertisements, will encourage investment and spending and will bring rewards which will ultimately benefit all of the traders in the centre.

Shopfronts and Advertisments in Historic Towns sets out the principles of good shopfront design.  It recognises and accepts that companies have invested a great deal to promote their own corporate images, while asking retailers to recognise that historic towns also invest a great deal in their own historic buildings and on the quality of their environment.

This document is intended to act as a forum for discussion and co-operation between local authorities and retailers, with the ultimate aim of improving the environmental quality of traditional shopping centres.

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