EHTF Photo Competition 2008

York - the Minster is at the heart of this Historic City which forms the main attraction for visitors, Stephen Pigott, City of York Council Worcester - misty spires and ancient church towers crowd together in the tree lined, historic centre, Chris Dobss, Worcester City Council Princesshay, Exeter - recent new developments, The Architects Design Group Worcester - a classic English high street, people and place in perfect harmony, Jim Blakewell, Worcester City Council
York Worcester Exeter Worcester
Castle Mill, Warwick - the heart of an historic English town, The Beckett Company Victoria Square, Birmingham - this magnificent square with town hall on the left and civic buildings on the right is accompanied by the elegant waterfall and fountain, RJT Photographic Lichfield Cathedral - its famous spires, the 'ladies of the vale' seen from across Minster Gardens, Lichfield District Council Sparhawk Street, Bury St Edmunds - showing buildings from Medieval, Georgian and Victorian times up to the 21st Century Millennium Cathedral Tower, St Edmundsbury Borough Council
Warwick Birmingham Lichfield Bury St Edmunds
Gas Street Basin, Birmingham - living on the water, The Beckett Company Norwich - residents and visitors relax in one of Norwich's many Medieval churchyards, Norwich City Council Durham - two historic bridges have been floodlit to complement the Cathedral and Castle enhancing the Durham City Penninsula World Heritage Site, Durham City Council Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds - Christmas street fair showing the Norman Tower, Medieval Abbey Gate and Georgian square, St Edmundsbury Borough Council
Birmingham Norwich Durham Bury St Edmunds