Responding to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation

Read the notes from the workshop (258KB)

HTF Response to NPPF consultation (292KB)
The HTF feels that while there is much in the National Planning Policy Framework that is uncontroversial, drawing heavily on existing policy, there are several unsatisfactory elements that the HTF is concerned about and feels need further clarity

BPT Response to NPPF consultation - Executive Summary (692KB)
Bath Preservation Trust is highly critical of the Framework, which it does not believe will achieve its objectives of certainty and clarity in the planning system and will not offer sufficient safeguards to our built or green heritage. In summary, the overarching themes of BPT's response relate to:

  • The lack of clear and consistent definition of sustainability;
  • The ‘presumption of yes ‘and the lack of evidence of need for it;
  • The potential impact of the abolition of ‘Brownfield before Greenfield’ and the potential impact of other NPPF changes in the World heritage Site of Bath together with other historic towns and cities: and
  • The lack of clarity which will arise from the abolition of detail in national policy and the need for appropriate transitional arrangements.

Panel Members' presentations:

Brian Human, Executive Committee Member, Historic Towns Forum (632KB)

Dave Chetwyn, Representing HTF/IHBC/Civic Voice (3MB)

Dr Malcolm Hockaday, Chairman, Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners

Caroline Kay, Chief Executive, Bath Preservation Trust (93KB)